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We are working Film and TV professionals providing practical training for people who want to work in the film industry as extras.  We know that professional extras help us all perform at our highest level.

Basic Extra


General:  This is how you will spend most of your days working as an extra.  Playing an ordinary citizen having an ordinary day until something extraordinary happens to the lead actors that you must react to.

Medical:  You will occaisonally be required to play some sort of emergency responder such as an ambulance attendant, doctor/nurse or medical technician. Looking like you know what you are doing makes the whole scene better.

Military or Police:  Another very common role for background performers is portraying a police officer, soldier or a CSI dusting for fingerprints and collecting evidence. Confidence with your equipment is key to a better performance.

Media:  Many scenes take place at a press conference holding boom mikes,  cameras, or being part of a media scrum. If you have practical experience using the technical equipment, you help everybody else to do their jobs well.

Hospitality:  Many personal scenes take place in restaurant and bars. Serving and bartending skills are often needed to get yourself into the action.


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Background Basics
From finding an agent, to being prepared for your first day on set.
$100 CAD
more info
Background Performing
How to be successful, and have longevity in Film and TV.
$100 CAD
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Firearm Basics
Learn safe techniques for handling rubber and replica weapons.
$125 CAD
more info
Military Background
Firearms Level II
Information and professional guidance on working with Firearms on Film and Television production
$125 CAD
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General Background
Background Performing II
Geared towards Background Performers who are already working regularly.
$100 CAD
Course Details
Production Crew
Stand In Workshop
This course will enable students to gain a critical understanding of a stand-in's relationship to the camera department
$100 CAD
Course Details
Production Crew
Production Assistant Fundamentals Workshop
introduction and overview of the job of being a Production Assistant.
$100 CAD
Course Details
what you should know

Knowledge is power. By following protocol you will increase your chances of standing out and get more opportunities to upgrade and make more money.

Extras Training Centre

Background Basics will teach you how to get your foot in the door as a background performer and explain the protocol you are expected to know.

Extras Training Centre

It is important to know how to carry and handle a firearm in a manner consistent with real world standards of safety and technical proficiency.

Rob Fournier, Instructor

We will guide you in the right direction, with all the information you need, in order to stand out and do a great job!

Holly Pinter, Instructor

It is unreasonable to expect you to be onset with other performers without knowing what is expected of you.  We give you the tools you need to succeed!

Crystal Wilson, Instructor

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